Friday, March 31, 2006


Just some more caricature study on some pictures I took with me and some friends at a birthday pool party, which I never was properly invited to.


kp said...

"Never 'properly' invited to"? Ya mean crashed? Haha. Cool drawings. That one guy who seems to keep hogging the camera looks like he's had one six-pack too many!

Pedro Vargas said...

yeah I guess "crashed" is a more truthful term hehe

ryan said...

dude i decided to click on your past archives & i am super fucking glad that i did

the bottom picture of the three guys is mother fucking hilARious! great expressions!!

also, the drawing directly below this one of the dude putting his hand on the lion's face is nothing less than amazing. it's so incredibly alive and wacky and FLUID!! i love how the lion's face is turning around all crazy like!

fucking funny rancid bastard drawings as well

you are a master of hand drawrings!