Thursday, July 27, 2006

More New Sketches!

Hey, everyone! I've got some paintings comin' up so stay tuned! And these pictures here were mostly inspired from watching the R&S APC cartoons I've watched this week! I think Altruists got me the most with all the creativity it has. I get so mad at John K. over that one episode 'cause I wish I had made a cartoon like that with such witty, innovative, creative splendor! That sounded a bit egotistical, but it's just too good and too damn original! Originality is written all over John Kricfalusi. I thank Spike TV for giving John the creative freedom he deserved to do those episodes.


Kevin Langley said...

Wow, these are great. I love the last two. I wish I could draw hands the way you do.

kp said...

Haha Demon Boy's gonna cast some spooknacious sillyness! I think he's the coolest of your characters.

Can't wait to see those paintings!

Sam said...


Pedro Vargas said...

kevin--Thank you! I think hands are my second favorite thing to draw.

kp--Thanks!! spooknacious silliness runs through Demon Boy's veins!

sam--eehh back at ya!

benj said...

Nice Stuff!!!
The last one is AWESOME..really:0!
Nice pose/expression, great hands!

Eric Bauza said...

Hey Man!!!

I really dig the drawing of the Rabbit grabbin the little rat by the head. I'd really like to see this stuff inked and painted!

Eric Bauza

Pedro Vargas said...

Thanks to Benj and Eric!

Eric-- I'm actually working on some paintings right now. I never really was good with inking (I just gotta practice) so I figured I'd paint my stuff. It's very fun. And as for the rabbit and mouse I made a painting of them a while back. It's just stashed somewhere in this blog.

Anonymous said...

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