Monday, April 23, 2007

Mr. Slither's Chameleon Craze! And Some Demon Dumbs!

Here's some more character concept sketches for my film!

An old character for me, but a new one for you! Mr. Slither!

I'm gonna change his designs more so he can be more chameleon-like. A friend of mine told me that the chameleon's eyes are different, where one eye concaves into a small hole on his eyeball and the other has the eyeball sticking out (on top of the eyeball? I'm not sure if those are called eyeballs.) with eyelids. Pretty interesting critters, huh? I'm gonna research more on the chameleon and see how well I can put its traits into this character and see how well it'll fit with the story! Fun stuff!


ryan said...

that chameleon is mother fucking hilarious looking

i love the drawing of it sitting on the branch

Trevour said...

Very expressive and funny drawings! You do it every time, man! I would definitely like to see what kinds of colors you use for Mr. Slither!

ryan said...

lol i just realized the chameleon is wearing hilarious looking spectacles, i thought they were nostrils before :P

is that top drawing newly added..? funny devil guy

Pedro Vargas said...

Ryan & Trevour--Thanks!! You guys rule!

Ryan--haha I can see what you mean about confusing his spectacles with nostrils.They're too meshed in with his face you hardly can tell they're specs.

It got kinda confusing for me too once I scanned them in and looked far away. Just two big black ovals floating over his face. I might want to keep it on him or not.

Yeah I just added that first new one. The devil guy is another character introduced in my story.

Shawn said...

These drawings are so good!!!!

Pedro Vargas said...

Thanks, Shawn!

Ryan G. said...

Yo Pedro! looking good..really appealing drawings. THis chameleon is a great character.. Once you work out the tweeks, He'll be a solid character!

Arschblog said...

I like Mr. Slither! You are a great character designer!:D

Your friend is right but I wouldn't change anything on his eyes. He looks great in your sketches and it's a cartoon character and cartoon characters can look different than their real (animal)partners.;)

Pedro Vargas said...

Thanks Ryan and Stefanie!

I think I'm almost there with his design. I'm not too sure if I want to keep his eyes the same, even though he looks fine with two identical eyes. I'm doing more designs for him and see what else works for him. Thanks again for the input everybody!