Tuesday, August 21, 2007

More Boskoness


Here's an image I made to show I how many drawings I've done for the first cycle.

Here are more cycle studies for ya! There are 13 drawings in the first cycle and 30 drawings in the second cycle.

The animator who thought up all of this was a really creative guy. He made sure that all of the keys were captured twice in the first cycle. That way you can really feel out the rhythm in the animation with or without the music. And it looks damn fun!

Where the hell is this type of animation? It's so fun and everyone's completely leaving it out from the industry. It should be brought back soon and fast!

Uploaded by PMVR

Uploaded by PMVR


benj said...


Chloe Cumming said...

'Tis magic!

amir avni said...

Good stuff

JohnK said...

there should be 12 in the first and 24 and the second

Pedro Vargas said...

Hi, John,

I'm having some trouble understanding. Do you mean there should be 12 drawings in the first cycle excluding the first four drawings that aren't part of the repeating cycle in the clip I made?

Because I did 13 drawings including the first four drawings that start it up, but aren't part of the repeating cycle. When I take out the first 4 drawings I count 9. I also counted 9 in the clip you gave and some of those drawings repeat themselves to make him dance.

How should I be counting them?

Here’s an image I made if you need help understanding what I'm talking about.

The second one does have 24. I just counted the first 6 drawings, which really aren’t part of the cycle.

I hope this is what you mean.