Wednesday, September 12, 2007

OOH! So Nifty!

Hey! Thought I'd post something a little different this time. I've decided to make a nice picture to characterize this blog a little more and placed it where the title of the blog is at. I thought it'd be kinda fun to do.

I'll definitely put more of my film stuff in the next upcoming posts.


Makinita said...

looks awesome man post some more stuff from the cartoon u r making :)

Trevour said...

I love it! Seems very fitting - and I really enjoy your choice of colors!

amir avni said...

I second Trevour, these are fun to look at!

Pedro Vargas said...

Cool! I'm glad you guys like it!

ryan said...


Looney Moon Cartoons said...

Hey Pedro,
I just finished bosko's dance where he flaps his arms. Your post on how you did it, and the image of all twelve drawings was very helpful. Thank you

Arschblog said...

It looks amazing and it looks great on your blog title! I like your designs!:)

How do put the drawing in the title?
I tried it too but it doesn't work.:/

benj said...

One of my favorite drawing you've posted!!!

Maybe you should not have the PIPSQUEAK's CORNER title twice... I mean the traditionnal blog title next to your amazing font.

The inking is awesome too.
Did you use Illustrator, Flash, Photoshop or traditionnal inking?

keep it up...
four fan,


Pedro Vargas said...

looney moon--I'm glad I could help you out with your Bosko animation! He was fun to do.

Steffi-- Hi, Steffi! Thanks! I updated my template thing in blogger and got some cool layout settings. The drawing is a JPEG file. Maybe blogger let's you upload certain types of image files, but you can try a JPEG image. Blogger can get kinda screwy at times too, I think. I hope this helps.

Benj--Hiya, Benj! Wow, I'm glad you like it. I didn't like how it looked before, but the people here seem to like it so I'll keep it! I also took off the title on the image. That way it doesn't look all messy.

I did the image in Illustrator.