Wednesday, February 20, 2008

It's Birthday Day!

Hey, check out this insanely awesome birthday card that Hammerson made for me! He drew my characters!! How swell is that!

Go check out his fun and cartoony illustrations over at his place---> HammersonLand!

My triple thanks to you, Hammerson! You're too damn cool!

And now for some animation!

Uploaded by PMVR

Uploaded by PMVR

Wish me luck on my film!


Kevin Langley said...

Happy Birthday Pedro! I'm loving these clips you posted.

Hammerson said...

Hey Pedro, I hope you had a terrific birthday!
I love the new animation, these three scenes look really good!
And thanks for featuring my work. It was a great pleasure and fun to do a drawing with your characters, because they're so well designed that I couldn't ruin them too much :)
Keep up with great stuff.

Arschblog said...

Man! This looks amazing!!!
Very good mouth acting and body language!
Thanks for showing!:D

I hope you had a great Birthday and I wish you tons of luck and fun with your cartoon!!!

Tony said...

I Love!!!!!!!!

benj said...

Great job Pedro.
super nice/smooth animation...
GOOOD LUCK with everything!
Happy B-DAY buddy!!!

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rex said...

Your animation is really awesome!