Friday, February 20, 2009

Happy Birthday!

Hey, everyone! It's mah birfday today and I thought I'd share some thoughts with you on the subject.

I've always been kinda shy whenever my birthday comes up and I've been thinking that now I should break away my from my shyness bubble and say that I should have a well-deserved day today. Hell, I think everyone should deserve a great day whenever their birthdays come up. So I'm here to say to myself, "Way to go, Pedro! You've passed another year without doing any harm to yourself (or harm brought onto you) and that you're doing a terrific job with your work! Keep at it!"

Speaking of work I'll put some more stuff from my film here soon, I promise. I'm now working on another film that me and a friend started last summer so I'm sort of simultaneously doing both films at the same time. So I'm really busy, but I'm really excited how they're coming out so far!

I'll put more crappy animation and screen caps real soon. So hang on tight!


Gajonauta said...

Felicidades, Pedrito! Que cumplas muchos mas y exito en tus animaciones!

david gemmill said...

happy birthday buddy! another year of kicking ass and making history with your awesome addition to the legacy of great cartoons!

i'm waiting patiently for your awesome film. Keep up the GREAT WORK!!!!!

Kevin Langley said...

Happy belated Birthday Pedro!! Can't wait to see more from your film.

Katie said...

OH NO!!! I'm 2 days late!!! Ah well, I hope your birthday was wonderful! Can't wait to see stuff from your film! I'm not waiting as patiently as David! :D

Danne8a said...

I love your work sooooo much, Pedro!
Keep up the great work and belated happy birthday!

Deemo said...

Im mad late but Happy Birthday!! I drew a nice birthday card for you hopefully thats makes up for me being late.

Pedro Vargas said...

Thank you all so much! You guys are such good friends!

Rafa--Muchisimas gracias, mano! Deberiamos salir uno de estos dias!

DAVID!--Thanks, dude! Same goes for your amazing talent, man. You're gonna change the world! I know it!

Kevin--Man, thank you so much! Good to hear from you again. You will see it, I swear!

Katie--Thanks!! I had an awesome time. You'll definitely see it! Hang on tight!

Deemo--Dude, Thanks for the card! Love the way you draw!

Thanks again to everyone!

benj said...

Your fan,

Funny videos said...

happy birthday buddy! Very nice painting