Sunday, February 14, 2010

Painting, Etsy, Red Bubble, & Some Drawin's!

Hey, peeps!! Here' some new stuff I've been workin' on...

Here's a new painting I did! I plan on selling it too along with some prints of the same image. I created an Etsy account so I can sell all that stuff there. The prints will be giclee prints so you'll know they'll be extra special!

The prints will be a limited offer too! But I still gotta organize some stuff with my Etsy account like creating a store, so I'll let ya know when they're ready!

I plan on making more paintings like the one above. So let me know if you guys like the idea or would wanna buy some special paintings from me!

I also made some shirt designs over at Red! Go check and see, and maybe buy a shirt or two!

Most of the shirt designs are from the Halloween drawings I've put up here, but I'm definitely gonna do more.

And here are some Laurels and Hardys...

I drew these while watching some of their shorts and I also saw a cool Marx Bros. movie Called "Duck Soup" that a friend of mine brought. Super crazy and hilarious movie! Go check it out if you haven't!

All those old comedians were SUPER CARTOONS! Not only with witty and funny dialogue, but were also very visually appealing characters. Cartoonists back then must've had fun caricaturing them. I wish we had today what those old comedians did.

I'll be back here with more new stuff!! Expect some changes too!!


benj said...

Your painting is SO nice!
I can't understand how you achieve those nice & crisp outlines with a brush... You're DA man!

Great T-Shirts designs too...
I really like the 'Runaway' dude and 'Witch Fit 1'.


Pedro Vargas said...

Thanks, Benj!!!!

Zach Bellissimo said...

Great stuff Pedro!
Man, you coulda fooled me with that painting. Looks like a Photoshop piece! How do you get the lines so smooth and imitative of your digital art.
Amazing, dude.

Pedro Vargas said...

Thanks, Zach!!

I use a really small, really thin brush for the outlines, and I take my time on them. It can get a bit tedious, but I'm usually very patient about it.

Katie said...

So cool!!! I'm gonna go check out your store right now...I love that last drawing on the post too, the expressions are really funny!

By the way, I nominated you for a "Kreativ Blogger Award". You don't have to follow up on it, but you can check out what it's about on my blog if you want. :)

patrick sevc said...

That painting is great! I'm gonna grab me a shirt too, I love your stuff!

Pedro Vargas said...

Thanks, Katie!!! I don't really have the store right now, but it's coming out real soon! I promise!

Holy KRAP! Kreativ Blogger, that's AWESOME!! That's real nice of you Katie! THANK YOU!! You rule BIG TIME!!

Patrick!! Thanks, dude!! And thanks for buying a shirt! I really appreciate it!