Saturday, March 06, 2010

More Shirt Designs, Film Stuff, & Etsy!

Yo, homeboys and home-ettes! I made two new shirt designs for my Red Bubble shirt store! They're all $22. 94 each!! You can't get these type of shirts anywhere else! So don't miss out!

Click on the images below to check out each shirt for these guys!

And here's some stills from my film. Still working hard on it. Let me know what you think!

Also, I changed the price from $120 to $100 for the painting I'm selling over at my Etsy store!

Click on the image below to check it out!

Thanks for viewing!


Trevour said...

I love those stills!! Can't wait to see it in motion! Also still waiting on my wallet to magically fill up so I can take that painting off ya!

Katie said...

Those stills look so good!! I love how you did the trees...I reeeeeeeeeeeally can't wait to watch this!

Also, the shirts look cool! When I get a paycheck I wanna get the Dawg Phase one...or maybe the pickaxe one...or maybe teenage nightmare 3...I don't know!! :D

Pedro Vargas said...

Holy crap! Thanks, guys!!

Trevour--Don't worry, bud! I'll be making more paintings and some will be half the price this one's got!

Katie--Thank you!! I'm glad you like the shirts! Hopefully I can get my film done real soon. I still have some long ways to go, but hopefully I'll get it done before the summer.

Eidenbrock said...

The film looks great- I can't wait!

david gemmill said...

dawgphase is awesome! could i get it on a mug!?!?

Your film is gonna kick ass!!!!!!!!!! it's already so slick looking! man you've been putting a lot of work into this. i can't wait!!!

Pedro Vargas said...

Thanks, Eidenbrock!!

David--Thanks dude!! Yeah I wanna get it done! Hopefully soon before summer comes.

Oh, and dawg phase doesn't come as a mug, just a t-shirt. Sorry, bud! The place that does the shirts doesn't do mugs, but I could try doing one just fer yoo!

chrisallison said...

cool dude, your film is looking slick. nice BG textures!

Pedro Vargas said...

Thanks, Chris!!

Paul B said...

damn it, I love the color!

Kali Fontecchio said...

That is going to be a scary film! I'm a little scared (I'm a wimp). :P

Pedro Vargas said...

Paul--Thanks, bud!!

Kali--No, no worries. It might seem kinda scary, but it's all good cartoon fun!

Nicol3 said...

Hey, Pipsqueak-- Next Paycheck I'm nabbing that "Green Dude" Painting. Should be in no less than a week or two.

His fuzzy mug will look great in my new butcrack of an apartment!