Sunday, April 18, 2010

Fulle Circle, Shirts and Aminashumz!

Hey!! Here's some new stuff I've been doing!

These are some pages I made for Jason Anders' Fulle Circle Magazine!! Each page indicates a subject in the magazine, that's why they have titles like "Film & Television", "Music", etc.

Here's a caricature I did for Caprica star Alessandra Torresani! Jason did an interview with her and you can check it out HERE!

She saw this and liked it! I'm real glad she did too. She assumed every celebrity that Jason interviews would get a caricature from an artist, so she wanted one. That's pretty cool, right? It's real awesome for cartoonists to get noticed like that.

And I made more shirt designs over at my Red Bubble store!! Click on the images below to check 'em out!!

And finally, some animation I've been working on for my film. Let me know what ya think!


david gemmill said...

awesome drawings!!! even awesomerrr animation!! looks really slick and has fun timing! i can't wait!!

It doesn't look like flash either, really good line quality!

Katie said...

YESSSSSS!!!!!!!! Animation!!! It looks so good...I swear, I get more and more excited to see this.

All your drawings look great, as usual. The Caprica girl is really adorable, I bet she loved it. :) Your art makes me happyyyyyyy

David Gale said...

Very nice. Real fluid and solid.

Pedro Vargas said...

David--Thanks, dude!! No, not too much Flash in the animation. It'll all be fully animated except for some small tiny parts in the film.

Katie--Thanks, Katie!! You always motivate me with your nice comments! I'm glad you dig 'em all!

David--Thanks, man!! I'm glad the solidity stood out. It was something I was really concentrating on when I animated it.

BENJ said...

Great post!!!
The animation sequence looks really good! As the Davids said... Very solid and super-slick clean-up lines!

Pedro Vargas said...

Thanks, Benj!!!

Nazario said...

Está muy bueno, Pedro. Los dibujos excelentes como siempre: sólidos y con personalidad. En cuestiones de animación, las poses están bastante bien, pero te sugiero (y es sólo una sugerencia) que experimentes reduciendo la pausa que hace la mano en anticipación para arrojar el corcho para que se vea un movimiento más corrido entre la anticipación y el lanzamiento. Además de eso puedes ayudar a exagerar la acción cuando el personaje sale del agujero acortando el tiempo del tween en Flash y cambiandole la aceleración a 100, cuestión de que sube rapidamente, como de sorpresa, y deposite su peso en el suelo de cantazo.

Como te dije, son sugerencias, pero la animación está yendo muy bien.

Kali Fontecchio said...

Very cool indeed!

BMX photo said...

looks nice!
keep up your good work my friend ^^!

ryan said...

That top drawing is fucking awesome.

AMAZING timing on that animation. I am thoroughly and majorly impressed!