Saturday, December 03, 2011

Jim Smith

Some Jim Smith art that I love...


Look how gorgeous this drawing (above) looks. The solidity and perspective in this are outstanding. This drawing has pure skill and pure talent written all over. You feel as if this character is right in front of you and not as a two-dimensional drawing, but what's cool is that he's NOT drawn as a realistic three-dimensional person. How awesome is that?

Man, I love this Dirty Dog and Cigarretes drawing! I'd love to study Cigarettes' head in this one!

Super appealing!!

This one above is great.

 *EDIT* Someone notified me that these ape drawings on the left (above) were done by film director John Ford. The small image on the right though is Jim's take on those apes. Still, the John Ford ones are amazing and fun to look at!

What I love about Jim Smith is that he doesn't bullshit his way through his drawings. By looking at these you can tell that he actually takes the time to think about what he's drawing. They're not half-assed at all. I love the solidity in his drawings and his skills on perspective are amazing! Skills I wish I had. You can really feel the roundness and surfaces of the shapes. I can tell he accentuates the solidity of the shapes in order for you to really feel them. He definitely puts the cartoon and drawing principles to good use in these. Super professional work.

Visit his blog HERE and see more of Jim's amazing art!


Joshua Marchant (Scrawnycartoons) said...

Right on, Jim Smith is a super-talent! That Cigarettes drawing is solid cartooning

I just got my Jim Smith art book in the mail today, I'm gonna open it on Christmas. I'm dying of anticipation!

Pedro Vargas said...

Yeah, he's really great. I wish had the money to buy one of his awesome sketchbooks.

Strange Kid said...

I recently discovered Jim's work myself - seems like a great guy, very talented. He said he's working on something for Chestacles (first sketch).

Pedro Vargas said...

Yeah, he mentioned he was working on a Chestaclese comic a while back, but I don't know the status of it now. I hope he's still making it though.

Anonymous said...

Pedro, I don't think those ape drawings are Jim's. Those are by John Ford. Still great drawings though!

And yeah, Jim Smith is a top talent. No one in the biz today can draw as solidly as him! All those Spumco doods are heavy-hitters.

Pedro Vargas said...

Thanks for pointing that out, anonymous! Those are definitely John Ford's drawings. That's my bad. I picked 'em out without noticing they were John's and thought they were Jim's, but the seperate picture on the right though is Jim's take on those ape drawings as he mentioned on his blog. Still, those John Ford drawings are really great and fun to watch.

I'd like to do more posts like this one on artists who influnece me a lot whenever I can.

Ryan Khatam said...

Jim Smith is one of my all time favorite artists. Awesome post.