Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Lots More Inkin' to Do!


Katie said...

you're amazing

I'm totally intrigued with this project, I need to know what happens!

Deemo said...

Thanks for the comment, it really means alot.

Im always looking on your blog to see what your gonna post next. The drawings are awesome and I cant wait to see the final outcome of your animation.

You, David, Nick Cross and many others bloggers give so much inspiration to others. I just want to thank you for actually making good animations and good drawigs.

Im actually about to start on a little animation project of my own soon im very excited. Like i mentioned before you guys and gals continue to inspire me everyday.

Anyway, thanks again for the comment, and all your awesome work.

Pedro Vargas said...

Thanks, Katie! It's taking a bit of time to finish up, but I'm working real hard on it. Your interest in this makes me wanna keep going! Maybe I'll post a couple of more animation clips soon.

Hey, Deemo! Thanks, man. That's nice of you to say. I find your drawings pretty inspiring as well. Good artists like you inspire me to keep going with my own art too. You're stuff is hilarious and has a lot of energy. Really awesome poses too!

Yeah, totally make a film. Films are fun to do especially when they are the cartoony type.

Keep at it, man! I'll look foward to see more of your drawings in your blog and good luck with all of your work!

Tony said...

Great stuff!
What do you use for inking and colouring your looks like digital inkin!
Love the Misfits animation.....great idea!
Hasta luego campeon!!!!!!!


Hammerson said...

Awesome!! The last frame reminds me a little bit of Jim Tyer's designs.

Pedro Vargas said...

Hey, Tony! Gracias, mano! I use Flash to ink and paint the frames.

Hey, Hammerson! Thanks, dude! Yeah I guess it kinda does look a little Tyer-ish, but I can never come close to his genius ways!

prolapso said...

Admirable el rigor con que trabajas tus obras.
Llevo mucho tiempo visitando tu blog para ver esta animación terminada. No hay duda en qué será excelente. Felicitaciones, y saludos :D

Curly said...

Really nice inking, did you ink with a brush on paper then scan it into the computer?