Thursday, August 26, 2010

Mixed Emotions

Hey, peeps! Just putting up a reminder that the second Zad Zak and Angree Dandee strip will be up this Saturday in the ZZ & AD Blog!! So expect more crazed emotions from these two!

As you can see I've also made changes to my blog with a new banner, new links to the right, more organized links, and purty colors all around.

You like? I like!

Hope you enjoy it! :D

*EDIT: Also, I'm still selling a painting over at my store! I was able to sell another one a few weeks back! So get the one I'm selling now! Click image below to see!

*EDIT 2: Someone has requested to buy my painting! It hasn't been bought yet, but I will be saving it for that person until they do! It's now been deactivated over at the store.

So for now no more paintings at the store! :(

But don't worry!! I'll definitely make more in the future for you to enjoy and buy!!


RooniMan said...

I likes it.

Katie said...

Your comic is so cool!!! Please make more! I love those guys! And is there any news on your animated short? :)

Kali Fontecchio said...

The site is looking cool yo! I'm glad I helped you :3 :3 :3 so's Is can's see's pretties!

Pedro Vargas said...

Rooniman--Thank ya, Rooni!!

Katie--Thank you!!! The short has been delayed for a long while haha. That's because I've been extremely busy doing commissions for others. I seriously do promise to get it done though, and I will too! I probably sound like a broken record saying the same thing over and over, but it'll definitely happen! I guarantee it!

Kali--Thanks!!! That you did and you deserve infinite thanks too!! So thank you times infinity!!!!!!!!!!!!