Tuesday, August 17, 2010

New Comic!!!

Hey!! Sorry for the extensive wait. I was having sort of a mini vacation time for myself, but now I'm back!!

Remember when I mentioned I wanted to do a comic of two of my characters from two posts down? Well that's what I've been up to! I'll also be doing a comic a week of them and made a blog especially for the comics!


Am I crazy for doing this? A comic a week? Maybe! But it's something that's been floating around my head for quite some time and I've been really wanting to do it, and I think I can too. So go check out the blog and tell me what you think! Let me know if you'd like to see more!

I was working on this REALLY slow too, and that's because I did the whole thing in Flash, inking and all. Except the word bubbles were done in Illustrator. Inking in Flash takes forever, but I actually prefer inking there. It makes my drawings seem more organic I think. But for the next ones to come I'll be inking them in Illustrator that way I can crank 'em out faster.

The comics come out every Saturday! Expect the next one to come out next Saturday of next week!

I'll be back soon with other stuff and I'm gonna be sprucing things up for this blog too! So expect some CHANGES!!!


RooniMan said...

Setting expectaions to suprize...

I feel I'm going to enjoy this comic.

Shawn Dickinson said...

This is GREAT!

..I'm going to do a comics blog too, though I won't have a comic a week. Just whenever I get 'em done.

You inspire the crap out of me!
Great job man!

Pedro Vargas said...

Rooni--Cool!! I'll try not to disappoint ya!

Shawn--YES!!! Totally do it, Shawn!! I'd love to see more of your comics! The world is now a happy place thanks to Shawn D. comics!! You rule, man!!