Saturday, October 16, 2010

The Gravestones


Whit said...

Great concept. I think the sky could stand to be a little darker. Just wish the Gravestones popped off the background a little more.

Fun Fact:
I initially typed "pooped off the background." Yay for typos and bathroom humor.

Rooniman said...

Talk about a opposite universe.

Pedro Vargas said...

Thanks, Whitney, for the input!! Yeah, I totally saw what you meant about the sky. I darkened it a bit more, so I think now they should pop out a bit more. Maybe a little bit more darker would make 'em pop out even more, but I didn't want it too dark because the silhouette in the back wouldn't stand out as much against a too dark sky.

Poop is hilarious by the way!!

Rooniman--Fo' realz!

David Gale said...

I love this kind of opposite gag. Extra points for putting Daisy Duck shoes on a headstone!

Roberto Severino said...

I can certainly imagine a whole Halloween themed cartoon with these characters. Freaking great stuff. Did you ever get to finish that short for animation school by the way?

Pedro Vargas said...

David--Thanks, man!!!

Roberto--Thanks!! It would be even better if they had their own show, where tombstones rule the human world!! But that's probably never gonna happen, unless I make it happen...somehow.

I'm still working on that short. I've been busy doing other stuff for other peeps, including all of these Halloween drawings. When I find free time is when I can finish it.