Tuesday, October 19, 2010

From the 1958 flick "Fiend Without a Face"

Sorry it's taking me forever to put up any new Halloween drawings! I'm definitely gonna catch up though! I've been feeling kinda burnt-out lately due to some stuff I've been doing on the side, so I decided to take a mini break from drawing.

But now I'm back to do more and I came up with a cool way to catch up with all of the October drawings I've missed! So what I'll basically do, starting tomorrow, is do two drawings a day instead of one to catch up for the days I've missed. So expect two Halloween drawings each day starting tomorrow until I've reached all 31 drawings!! Capiche?

P.S. I know it should probably say "Fiends Without Faces!", but this way feels right to me :)


Bob Flynn said...

rad BRAINS..... :)

Pedro Vargas said...

haha thanks, man!

Juan Bauty said...

One of my fav B-movies ever! i love it!!

Rooniman said...

Don't let'em touch me!

Pedro Vargas said...

Thanks, Juan!!

Rooniman--You better run, run, RUN!!