Saturday, October 22, 2011

Stuff I've Done

Here's a walk cylce for another animation I'm doing that I did a while back in the beginning of the summer:

And here's some secret stuff!

I had to crop the images from their original size. I won't tell you what these are for yet (at least I don't think I can tell), not until what these are for comes out!

All I can say is that I did 16 of these kinds of illustrations for the super awesome CRAIG YOE! It's for one of his awesome upcoming books. Go here to see all the books he's selling!--->YOE! Books They're all really fucking cool!

Craig is known for his really amazing books among other awesome stuff, including animation! He loves all things cool, like cartoons and comics. He is definitely the bee's knees.

He even has his own blog of cool things!--->I.T.C.H.

Definitely check his stuff out.

Here's a photo that someone took of me standing next to Craig:

I look up to this guy and really is an amazing dude.

Here's a cover I did for an underground comic book in Puerto Rico called "Nocivo", which is Spanish for "Noxious":

It's run by a group of artists named Pernicious Press. Anyone can contribute to their comic every month no matter where you're from!

These guys are really fucking cool too. They create some really awesome events and art shows in Puerto Rico. Here's their Facebook page if you want to see more info--->CLICK!

And here's their Nocivo Comics page--->CLICK!

LOOK, LIKE and SHARE! These guy's are the best and are doing so much for the Puerto Rico art scene!

I've also been putting up some Zad Zak & Angree Dandee art at their blog!

Click on the image below to go there NOW!

Well, that's it for now! Come back soon to see some mo' shit!


Joshua Marchant (Scrawnycartoons) said...

All looks good. That walk cycle in particular; Capital!

Pedro Vargas said...

Thanks, man!

Trevour said...

Awesome stuff, as always!! I second the walk cycle - very fluid and fun!!

Pedro Vargas said...

Thanks, dude!!

tek! said...

whoa whoa! when can we see the secret stuff? its intriguing!

Pedro Vargas said...

Thanks, man! Oh hell, I'll just say it, they're for Craig Yoe's "The Official Barf Book!" I think it might come out in December, but I don't know the details. You can preorder it on Amazon if you wish.

Amir Avni said...

Wow, congrats on being published with Craig Yoe!!

Pedro Vargas said...

Thanks, man!