Wednesday, May 11, 2011

2011 is Animation Celebration!

I've been noticing a lot of my online cartoonist/animator friends have recently worked on their own animations and it's been getting me really pumped! I love watching other people's creations and ideas come to life! Knowing that the internet can give people the opportunity to make something they believe in and then show it to the general public without any restrictions is so comforting. I love the internet for that.

So here are some of my recent favorites from this year, from friends and other really cool people:

Wings Of Death by Chris Allison:

Out of the Cintiq by Kali Fontecchio:

Fester Fish: Fester Goes Fishing by Aaron Long:

Girl Wallet by Skyler Page:

Here's a really cool feature-length film that indie animator Nick Cross is working on right now called Black Sunrise. He put up a fundraiser at IndieGogGo to support the film. Click on the link to read more about it and help Nick's vision come to life!

Here's the trailer:

Black Sunrise - Trailer from Nick Cross on Vimeo.

Here's a still from friend Zach Bellissimo's film Blenderstein!

This is his Senior thesis that he painstakingly worked on for a while. I congratulate Zach on his efforts for creating something as cool as this! I haven't seen his film yet, but I really want to and I know it's gonna be amazing! His film isn't online, since he wants to showcase it around different festivals and such, but you can read more and see more stills of Zach's film up on his BLOG!

My friend Amir Avni is close to finishing his own cartoon, The Barley Way.

Here's sort of the rough version of his film:

"The Barley Way" work reel from Amir Avni on Vimeo.

And here's a final inked and colored animation from his film:

Seq3 s2 color from Amir Avni on Vimeo.

It's looking really great too! I can't wait to see it finished.

Click on the names of all the artists mentioned above to check out more of their work. They're very talented folk and deserve to be SEEN!

Their films have been inspiring me a lot lately, especially to keep working on a film I'm animating right now.

Here are some stills of the rough animation I've been working on lately:

You'll see what they'll add up to once the roughs are fully done.

Half of the film is already animated, inked and colored with painted backgrounds. Right now I'm working on the other half, with just the animation alone. So stay tuned for some of that.

Oh, and speaking of 2011 animation, has any one caught today's banner for Google? It's really awesome work done by animator Ryan Woodward commemorating dancer and choreographer Martha Graham’s 117th Birthday. Pretty neat, right?

Here it is in YouTube form in case anyone missed it:

Sorry I haven't posted much here lately, but I guess you can understand being that I'm working on my animation and I'm also working on a HUGE Disney poster for Fulle Circle's Jason Anders. So yeah, lots of stuff goin' on.

But be sure to come back for more! I gots more stuff I wanna show ya!


chrisallison said...

Can't wait to see your film, Pedro! It's lookin really good and super cartoony. I really liked Fester the Fish too. A lot of other cool films that I haven't seen, so thanks for sharing, dude

Whit said...

Girl Wallet... lol that was funny. I echo the sentiments of thanks for sharing :D

Pedro Vargas said...

Chris--Thanks, man! No problem! Yeah, Fester is great. There's a lot of really good stuff floating around now.

Whit--No problem! Girl Wallet is awesome. Check out Crater Face too, it's amazing. Must help support good things!

Zach Bellissimo said...

Hey Pedro! Thanks for featuring me, buddy! And all the other people you showcased are way awesome! Kali's makes me laugh lol. Blenderstein will be around soooooooon!

Steven M. said...

I'm glad I decided to become a cartoonist.

Amir Avni said...

Hi Pedro!

The drawings from your film look fantastic, can't wait to see it!

Thanks a lot for featuring my work in your post, and sharing work from so many talented people, There's material here that I haven't seen before.
I really admire Aaron Long for completing another 6 minute short on his own time--so delightfully cartoony.

Pedro said...

Steven--You picked well my man!

Zach--No problem, man! Your film looks amazing! My cup of tea! I seriously can't wait to see it!!

Amir--Thanks, man! No problem! Your film is great! Can't wait to see it done! Yeah, Aaron is awesome for completing an entire 6 minute film on his own. Lots of good, dedicated people in the animation world.

Scrawnycartoons said...

Wow, that's damn exciting! So many artists taking advantage of the opportunity the net provides. Also, glad to hear you're getting a lot of work!

Adam said...

The character with the axe appearance looks like he's based john kricfalusi

Pedro Vargas said...

Absolutely no intentional resemblance to him whatsoever.

Anonymous said...

The Queen has explosives..but she is dealing them for

Ryan Khatam said...

Holy Cow! Thanks for posting these.

Mick said...

great offerings all round... Kali's had me eyes applauding the most of all