Sunday, April 23, 2006

New Demon Painting

Hey there! Here's a new paint study for you. The perspective in this one seems a little off and the colors came off kinda screwy, but that didn't mess up the mood too much, I think. Also when I scanned the image it cropped off all sides 'cause the painting was much bigger than the scanner and I don't have a camera to take pictures with, but I think it came off okay the way it seemed when scanned.

Tell me what you think! I would very much appreciate it!


Darren Reece said...

Your work is great - it's as if Disney dropped acid! There's real energy in your art.

kp said...

You are entirely too modest, my friend. That sucker rocks and you know it! =)

Anonymous said...

Terrific painting, Pietro!!! I have one small criticism to make: the character would look even better if there was more construction and perspective in the drawing. It's true that construction tends to come at the expense of guts but some artists manage to get both into a picture so it must be possible, however torturous the learning experience.

Count me as a fan, whether you take my advice or not.

-Eddie Fitzgerald

Pedro Vargas said...

wow such awesome comments!

Darren--thanks for the kind words! I'm happy you see some energy in my stuff. I love energy!

KP--well sometimes I'll know when my stuff is good, but I must keep my ego in check too! hehe but really thanks for the awesome comment!

Eddie-- Thanks for the constructive criticism! I really do need it. My main problem is construction and construction with perspective can be, like you said, torturous. I dunno how the pros do it. I guess I'll advance through experience like they did hehe. I'm a huge fan of your stuff, especially "The Worm" cartoon you did for CN, which amazed the hell out of me. There were some crazy camera angles I loved and the drawings were beautiful and the writing and animation were great! I'll take your advice and add more construction and perspective. it'll really help for my next drawings and paintings. Once again, thanks!


Sam said...

love it!

Anonymous said...

Looks nice! Awesome content. Good job guys.

Anonymous said...

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