Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Tuhday Wuz Mah Boifday!

Hey, everyone! Yesterday, February 20th, was my birthday and, I know it's no big deal, but I'm 21! So instead of you guys giving me presents, I bring the presents to you!

Look at dis nice cake!

Me and my friends had a craving for some Don Hertzfeldt cartoon cake fun!

Here's a new character I invented.

Brother Lion! My lion character's (Looney Lion) half brother!

Well, that's pretty much it! Wave goodbye to the nice people, Mr. Flower!



Trevour said...

Happy birthday sir!

I posted a pic on your Myspace but it's pretty small, but I found it funny because it was appropriate for your big 2-1.

Hey, a Don Hertzfeldt cake sounds like fun. I hope it was tasty.

And great cartoons as always - that Brother Lion painting rules. What brand(s) of paints do you use?

kp said...

Happy Birfday, buddy! I love the lion's expression in the coloured pic also.

ryan said...

Pedro, that is a SUPER nice painting of brother lion's head! i REALLY LIKE IT!! it looks so fucking cartoony & awesome. i loveitloveitloveitloveitLOVEIT!!!!

plus hes a cool new character, i dig the design of his nose

Sam! said...

Awesome! My birthday was on the 18th!

Also I moved my blog:


Brian Romero said...

Happy birthday! Mine is coming up in a few days though I'm more than a decade older than you... damn I'm old!

Kevin Langley said...

Great stuff Pedro, Happy 21st Birthday!!

Pedro Vargas said...

Thanks, guys, for all the really nice comments!!

Trevour--Yeah I saw the pic and I loved it! Thank you so much! The Hertzfeldt cake was really tasty and full of charismatic randomness! As for the paintings, I used gouache and small bits of acrylic titanium white.

KP--Thanks! I'm glad ya liked the crazy lion's expression.

Ryan--Thanks, man! I'm glad you liked Brother Lion's head portrait painting and his crazy-ass nose!

Sam--Thanks, bro! Happy Belated Birthday! Hope you had a good one!

Brian--Thanks!! Ah, you're not so old! Old is when you feel like crap and hate cartoons and you're the opposite of that! You're young at heart!

Kevin--Thanks, Kevin! Glad you liked the new stuff!

I appreciate all the really nice comments! You guys made my birthday more fun!

Ryan G. said...

Happy Belated Birthday Pedro! Shit man just 21! Holy hell, I wish I kicked as much ass as you do with the pencil when I was 21..Just dont get too drunk..Ha! Later Ryan