Wednesday, February 14, 2007


Hey, everyone! Check out my craptastic animated music video I did of a Misfits song! I thought I'd pay tribute to one of the most coolest bands out there.

I've been meaning to post this for the longest time now. It took me a weekend to do and it's sort of unfinished in the end. I colored all the stills and the animation is just pencil tests done in FlipBook. There's some minor editing problems, but it still looks good. The animation might seem kind of limited, but that's because it was all animated in twos. It took me some hard time to get it done.

Well, I hope you guys like it!


Danne8a said...

That song takes me back to High School! ( I still love the misfits by the way! )
That was very inspiring!
I like the animation on OI's!
Everything else was hilarious and perfect!

Trevour said...

That was AWESOME! I love the guys bouncing at the beginning. And you use COLOR very well!

Pedro, what did you use to animate this? Just some basic animation software? I'm trying to find some good alternatives to Flash, mainly for pencil testing stuff.

Trevour said...

Nevermind, maybe if I actually READ your stuff BEFORE watching the video, I would've known you used Flipbook. I WAS JUST TOO EXCITED I STARTED WATCHING IT RIGHT AWAY! Sorry!

Anonymous said...

Very cool! It inspired me to bring up The Misfits on my iTunes.

"I need your skuuuuuullll, I want your skuuuuuullll!"

Faust Haus said...

!!! I am a Misfits lover, and your drawings and paintings made me love this song even more!!!


Pedro Vargas said...

Danny--Thanks, man! I'm glad you liked it! Coming from you it means allot since I'm sort of new at animating! And yes, Misfits do rule!

Trevour--Thanks, man! I'm glad you liked the colors. I tried to not make them seem too bland so they can amp up the fun for the whole thing!

Brian--It's cool that you got inspired to bring up some misfits songs! Their music is so cool and Skulls is a great song. I could listen to it for hours. I'm crazy like that.

Faust Haus--Thanks! I'm glad I made you like the song even more! It is a great song and for it to not have a cartoony-type animated music video is just something ludicrous!

fabiopower said...

Hi Pedro!
excuse me, but I want to give you interesting news for all your readers of the blog: In Southamerica we have organized two festivales of cartoons: ANIMA'O7 (Argentina) and FLIP! (Chile).
If somebody wants to send you artwork and/or to participate in this competition, the rules and the program are in my blog.
That's all!
Thank you very much,
see ya
and greetings from the ass of the world

Kevin Langley said...

Very cool, I LOVE the Misfits. I played in a band in high school that did mostly Misfits covers. I love the guy ripping his chest open too and the guys bobbing around in the beginning. Great job Pedro!

Pedro Vargas said...

fabiopower--thanks for the information! Unfortunately I can't participate or go to the two events. I've got alot of work up my bum as of now! They sound like cool events, but, who knows, maybe next year.

Kevin--Thanks, man! I'm glad you liked it! It's cool you liked the guy ripping his chest open! Someone came up with the idea that all his guts should fall out when he rips open his chest! I was so pissed at myself for not thinking of such a cool idea!

Kenny P. said...


I wish I were ambitious enough to do something like that.

Keep it up!

makinita said...

hehe te kedo muy bueno men deberias hacer mas

benj said...


I dig the lettering a lot with the nice color card... nice funny/funky characters too!

Keep it up man, you're great!!!