Sunday, April 23, 2006

New Demon Painting

Hey there! Here's a new paint study for you. The perspective in this one seems a little off and the colors came off kinda screwy, but that didn't mess up the mood too much, I think. Also when I scanned the image it cropped off all sides 'cause the painting was much bigger than the scanner and I don't have a camera to take pictures with, but I think it came off okay the way it seemed when scanned.

Tell me what you think! I would very much appreciate it!

Monday, April 17, 2006

Show's Over!

Hey! Here's a new painting I recently finished this weekend. I might need to fix some more areas like making the characters stand out more and maybe put some more highlights here and there, but I dunno, I'm no paint expert. But yeah tell me what you think. made with gouache and watercolor.

One more thing! I just noticed these colors came off more vibrant than how they should look, but I think it came off kinda cool the way it seems on the monitor. TELL ME WHAT YOU THINK! I wanna know what you experts out there have to say about my paintings!

Saturday, April 08, 2006

Some Cartoon Funnies and a Caricature

just playing with some colors here as well as facial expressions...

I kinda like how this one came out...

And for today's caricature...

This here's my sister Cristina! She's crazy cool! I sure do miss her

These here were my first attempts on drawing Cristina. They came out really weird and distorted, but I guess that's the whole point in making a caricature!

My caricatures sometimes come out sort of realistic and not as much cartoony like how I want them to be, but like I said I'm still trying and it's perty hard! at least fer me that is.