Monday, October 09, 2006

Wacky Foursome!

I haven't worked with vectors for the longest time. I'm surprised this came out fairly good.

I'm still working on my animation and I'm mostly experimenting with alot of things and also taking as much information and research I can take. It's a fun experience. Also, I've been researching tons of information and articles on Ralph Bakshi and there's this article he did where he spoke about his experiences as an inker for Jim Tyer in Terrytoons and would sort of study the frames that Tyer would give to him for inking. My whole perception on Jim Tyer's work on Terrytoons changed when I read the article. I thought he was the popular animator over at Terrytoons, but it turns out that he was sort of the guy people looked down upon because he wouldn't stay on model with the characters and that his drawings were "poorly" done. I say Hell to that! Tyer in my opinion was a true cartoonist. If I worked at Terrytoons, I would've been super jealous at his cartooning skills. His drawings are probably the only funniest things I've ever seen in any cartoon and his animation makes me feel all wiggly with fun. I feel something deep inside every time I see his stuff. There's some definitive power in his cartoons. In the article, Bakshi also explains how he would sometimes animate by first drawing the nose on every frame, then the eyes, head and so on until he made the scene come alive. It's immensely interesting stuff. I just wanted to throw some cool information on you cool cartoon folk. I think I'm gonna research Tyer next just for fun. I recommend you do the same thing!