Saturday, December 24, 2011

Merry Xmas!

 Merry Christmas from Zad Zak and Angree Dandee! It's okay to smile at least once a year!


Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Animated Music Video! Pt. 5

Here's the final animatic for the music video! Sorry there's still no sound on this. I wanna keep it a surprise for you when it's fully complete!

Now comes the part where I figure out which areas I want to fix and push more further, but before I do so I have to figure out the timing for each scene. I think this'll be pretty easy for me considering I've approximately matched each drawing to each specific beat and singing.

Stay tuned for more!

Saturday, December 03, 2011

Jim Smith

Some Jim Smith art that I love...


Look how gorgeous this drawing (above) looks. The solidity and perspective in this are outstanding. This drawing has pure skill and pure talent written all over. You feel as if this character is right in front of you and not as a two-dimensional drawing, but what's cool is that he's NOT drawn as a realistic three-dimensional person. How awesome is that?

Man, I love this Dirty Dog and Cigarretes drawing! I'd love to study Cigarettes' head in this one!

Super appealing!!

This one above is great.

 *EDIT* Someone notified me that these ape drawings on the left (above) were done by film director John Ford. The small image on the right though is Jim's take on those apes. Still, the John Ford ones are amazing and fun to look at!

What I love about Jim Smith is that he doesn't bullshit his way through his drawings. By looking at these you can tell that he actually takes the time to think about what he's drawing. They're not half-assed at all. I love the solidity in his drawings and his skills on perspective are amazing! Skills I wish I had. You can really feel the roundness and surfaces of the shapes. I can tell he accentuates the solidity of the shapes in order for you to really feel them. He definitely puts the cartoon and drawing principles to good use in these. Super professional work.

Visit his blog HERE and see more of Jim's amazing art!