Thursday, June 21, 2012

Art Dump!

Just an update on stuff I've done throughout this year...

Drew this for cartoonist Shawn Dickinson on his birthday in March for fun. It's his character Rocky Arachnid done in my own weird way. Shawn's an awesome dude and cartoonist. Check out his amazing stuff HERE! You can also buy some really cool stuff at his Etsy store like his Schitzles Der Cat Comic Book! I just got mine in the mail and it's really awesome!!

A wedding present I did for some friends back in April.

An art director from the Topps trading card company asked me to do some Mars Attacks! sketch cards as part of their new Mars Attacks Heritage card series. I chose to do 106 cards for them. I had a lot of fun doing these.

Here's some more:

They come out next month in July along with a bunch of other sketch cards from some really cool artists! Definitely check it out!

Here's some Dark Shadows (the movie) fan art.

A lot of people didn't like this movie, but I really liked it! Maybe they didn't like it because it wasn't up to par with the original TV show, which I've never seen by the way, but really would like to, but as a movie alone I thought it was really good. I thought Tim Burton did a really good job with this one and thought Johnny Depp was really cool as Barnabas.

Here's a Facebook cover photo I did out of boredom a while back.

And here's a man thing acting all nuts.

Thanks for viewing! More stuff to show you later on!

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Evil Elf!

I took a lot of design elements from this caveman character, especially his hair, which to me looks really cool on him.

I tried my best to achieve this sort of hairstyle on my character.

On the caveman there's a lot of hair poofness on the front and on the back of his head and not so much on the sides as seen on the character's frontal view in the picture below. I tried adding hair poofness on all sides of my characters head, but keeping that same emphasis of poofness on the front and on the back like on the caveman character.

He comes from THIS early Chuck Jones cartoon if you're interested in seeing some poof.

I don't think Jones ever used this kind of hair again on any other character after this one (if I'm wrong, let me know). I've noticed Clampett used this sort of hairstyle on some of his characters, like Red Hot Ryder from Buckaroo Bugs and the moth from Eatin' on the Cuff. I think there were others who had that hair, but none come to mind right now. I think Clampett was the only one who took advantage of this kind of hairstyle on some of his characters, and I'm glad he did 'cause they look amazing! I've always found those characters to be pretty memorable.