Tuesday, August 01, 2017

Tintero Pop Up Ponce, New Art Zine and Capitán Granuja!

Wanted to give an update on a few things I've done lately...

I participated this year for Tintero Pop Up Ponce! Had a blast selling and meeting new folk and conversing with some of the other artists at the event.

There I debuted my new art zine, which is now available to buy HERE at my Etsy store!

I also helped design a mascot and a logo for a local comic book and video game store in Mayagüez, Puerto Rico. The name of the mascot and store is called "Capitán Granuja", which is now in the stages of opening soon.

The character is a "jíbaro" superhero, complete with "pava" (hat) and "guayabera" (shirt). Had fun helping create a visual look of what the owners wanted.

Check out their Facebook page to see and know more: Capitán Granuja Comics & Games

Here's the front of the store with the logo I made...