Monday, November 01, 2010

Pumpkins Galore!

Here's the pumpkins me, my roommate and my roommate's mom did for Halloween night! The kids and parents loved 'em!

These are the ones I did:

Here's Mr. Sad-O-Lantern!

And the crazed pumpkin brothers:

Lonely Henery

and Mischief Mike!

I had a lot of fun doing these! I've never carved a pumpkin before and can see why people enjoy doing 'em! Definitely gonna do more for next year!

I had a really great Halloween time this year. I saw some really great scary/funny movies both on the big screen and little screen, went to a Halloween parade, where I was dressed up and had a blast, carved some pumpkins and helped decorate a front porch with fun Halloween stuff!! I've never experienced such an awesome Halloween before and it was the best one I've had so far!!

Hope you guys had an awesome Halloween as much as I did!!!

P.S. Just so you know I'm still gonna finish all my Halloween drawings! I've only got 15 more to go and really want to reach the goal of 31 drawings!! So stay tuned for those!