Friday, September 29, 2006

Andrew W.K. Energy! + Things!

Hi, folks! I've brought new stuff to show ya!

Also, I've been listening alot to this Andrew W.K. video on youtube and it's been pumping me up with alot of energy, which inspired me enough to do a bunch of drawings of the singer. The song's called "We Want Fun" and it's super catchy. I like that it's catchy 'cause I can delve into the song and just sort of join in on the fun. The video's pretty cool too. It's from Jackass: The Movie and the movie was crazy, but the soundtrack music was pretty good.

Here's the video in case anyone's interested.

Thursday, September 21, 2006

Madness Ensues!

Hey, there! Sorry it took me forever to post any stuff here, but I've been mega busy for the past week and a half and the internet wasn't working. I could come up with a much more better excuse, but I'm not the type to lie.

Ah, but everything's all good now and brought some of these here things!

I've also been busy with this small animation thing I want to do. I want to practice more on my animation style and hopefully get better. Here are some key drawings on what I'm doing so far.

Well, bye for now! I'll be back and hopefully sooner!