Monday, September 06, 2010

COMIC and Hiatus!

Hey, everyone! New comic over at the blog ---> ZZ & AD Comics!

Sorry I was so late to put it up if you were waiting for it. I was really busy working on some freelance stuff last week :/

I started doing the comic on Friday and had it in mind to do it quickly for the next day, but I really liked how it was coming out that I really didn't want to half-ass it. So that's why it took me a while to do.

Go to the blog, leave a comment if ya want, and tell me what you think! I'm sorta new to comic making so any professional opinions would be highly appreciated!

Last week I was working on a hefty poster for the Festival of the Lion King for Disney World. I was asked to do it from my good friend Jason Anders of Fulle Circle fame, who works there. Go to his blog now and read his super awesome interviews!!!

I'm still working on the poster too, so for the next two weeks to come I probably won't be doing any comics, or drawings, or anything me :(

I gotta put in some heavy-duty time for this poster if I want it look nice, but I'll try to finish it early so I can show do more comics and things ;)

So I'll catch ya laterz!!