Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Let's Put Some COLOR Onto This Here Blog!!!


I really do like colors. I like it just as much as I like black and white. Actually there's no particular difference with both, except maybe colors are more harmonious than black and white. I'm pretty sure some of you'll disagree with me on this, but I seriously don't know too much information on colors. Just basics really, but all I know is that it's the best type of thing to experiment with and you get to make up an infinite amount of different colors too. Colors are endless! And that's why colors can be classified as a fun thing or as an art thing. When I see something really colorful I get real happy.

When I use color on a painting or whatever I try to establish some sort of mood. Something that represents the painting itself and something that represents me. I try to establish my own personal style of colors. I also try to be caroony with my colors. I love cartoon colors and I love making some up.

Check out this colored pencil drawing I did. I find that the colors seem pretty interesting, especially how they work around the most representational thing in the drawing, which is the dog person. I think I made the mistake of focusing on one thing rather than the whole thing of the piece. I focused more on the mood rather than the composition itself, which helps create or enhance the mood of the piece. I pretty much captured the colors I wanted for this drawing, but I think I just got in too deep with it and thought less of the whole thing.

This other drawing here made out of markers on marker paper, is probably less planned out than the colored pencil one. It's got less colors and more negative spaces. This one was done pretty quick too. This one I think establishes a mood even though I had no intention on putting a mood there. With the colors, I know I had to make the colors contrast with each other. I always have to be aware of that when I work with colors. I love how the orange, purple and yellow play with each other beneath the two characters. I think those colors contrast well with each other, especially since yellow and purple compliment each other well. I got into more detailed things with this drawing as well, instead of the whole thing, but the the colors work nicely I think.

Hey! Check out my next concepts for two paintings I want to do. I'm gonna start out as soon as I can!

Saturday, June 03, 2006

Animation Time!!

Hey, folks! Here's some animation I've done as school projects. I've got a lot of practice to do and am experiencing more on this art and so far it's been the best experience I've had.

Before I knew anything about animation, I would just look at old cartoons and freeze frame some Ren and Stimpys especially in Stimpy's Invention, which has some beautiful animation from Bob Jaques and Kelly Armstrong. God, they do some pretty powerful animation and such incredible movement on two awesome characters.

After all that John spoke to me and told me to freeze frame old cartoons. I did so and found some of the most amazing stuff out of old cartoons. Stuff I've never seen before in my life. I'd get so overwhelmed and so happy to see so many good things come out of old cartoons when freeze framed especially some Scribner stuff or some Tyer animation. I would never think good stuff like that came from such a far away time in cartoons. I love how some frames, like when a character's about to antic or move rapidly(smudge technique is what I think is called), come out real cool and abstract like a painting or something. That stuff would make me go even more crazier and happier to just see that kinda stuff in a cartoon.

But I don't wanna keep you guys too long, so here's some crazy crap animation I've got fer ya!

*Can anyone tell me if these videos are being shown well? Youtube's being a tough S.O.B. with me and isn't letting me see three out of the five videos.