Wednesday, June 30, 2010


A caricature for my Facebook buddy Robin Crowley a.k.a. Robin Crazy!!

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Drawing Dump & Some Other Things

Hey! Long time no see!! Sorry I haven't put anything up here in like 2 months. I've been crazy busy doing a commission for someone really cool, but I think I'll save that for another post.

Right now, I thought I'd put up some drawings I've done in the past few months. Most of these I've put up already in Facebook and Deviant Art, but have totally neglected putting them here for you bloggers out there. So here ya go! Sum stuff fer yoo too<---(purposeful misspelling) watch!
Here's something I've been meaning to mention here for a long, long, LONG time now, especially to any artist out there, budding or professional.

The drawing below was made after I read a series a of posts from this blog by Mark Kennedy, who's a storyboard artist for animation and movies. I'm sure some of you are familiar with it, but in case you aren't then please check it out. It's definitely worth a check if you want to learn some good tips on drawing from a professional who knows the tricks of the trade!

The posts are in 5 parts and each have the header "A Kick in the Head".

Here they are at your convenience: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4 and Part 5.

They're all pretty great and I think provide enough information that an artist needs to know.

In the first one he talks about silhouette value, but more specifically on clarity and to avoid cluttered design. After I read it, I came to realize that silhouetting isn't only for the sake of having clarity and interesting design in your drawing, but also for the sake of comfort for the viewer and for the artist as a viewer. They have to and want to know what they're looking at immediately when they set their eyes on a drawing.

(An image from Mark's blog)

And it makes sense, right? You wouldn't want the viewer to try and figure out what the cluttered mess is all about in your drawing. Don't confuse them from the get-go. Let them know exactly what you're drawing is all about without bringing any confusion to them. Clutter provides discomfort if ya ask me. So avoid it all costs!!

So anyway, in the drawing below I decided to redo the drawing on top, to a more clear and easy-to-read drawing.

I wanted people to immediately know that he was forcefully loosening his tie in a manic way. So I took his hand away from his chest, arched back his line of action more in the other direction, turned his head so that it compliments with the direction that his hand's going to, and added more motion lines and sweat. By applying a silhouette to this character, I've made my drawing not only clearer, but I think more expressive too.

Sometimes I forget the stuff I learn, like silhouettes, from some really talented and professional artists like John K. and Mark Kennedy. So I think it's always important to practice the things you've learned all the time in order to not forget them and if you want to make some good, clear and expressive drawings.

And now the fan art portion of this post!!!

Skadi!!! I love Skadi! It's an online comic made by two of my favorite artists, Katie Rice and Luke Cormican!! I was asked to do a drawing for them in an upcoming Skadi book and it was a real honor for them to ask me! I love their stuff!! I liked doing the drawing so much that I decided to do another one just for fun and it's going to be included in the book too! Here it is below:

She's a devil here along with her sickly slave Diseasoid (well devil Diseasoid as portrayed here). It'll make sense once the book is out, so that you can see why she's a devil!!

Go to Dumm Comics now (like right now!) to check out Skadi every Thursday along with some other awesome comics made by other cool artists!!

Here's more fan art!! These two pictures are from a blog I found called Magic Carpet Burn. This blog is amazing and it's got so much neat stuff!

These two illustrations really caught my eye in this post.

So I decided to draw the characters for fun!

Dumb joke, but whatever, it was still fun to do!

Thanks for stopping by! I'll be back I think soon to do another post. I've delayed myself from working on my film to do the commission that I mentioned before. But no worries I'll definitely get right back to it once I'm fully done with the commission. So I ain't quittin' yet!!

I think I'll also make a small comic for fun, and put it up here later on. I've been dying to do a comic for a while now of these two characters I've made up. It won't be too long of a comic. Like a page length. It'll actually be of these two guys:

I wanna start creating stories so I think comics is the way to go!

So I'll be back and expect a lot more here when I return!!!