Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Howie Post/John K -- Hierarchy and Composition Study

Yo, peeps! Here's a study that John K. wanted people to try out, so I wanted to try my hand at this...

Here's how I did it:

1) The First Level of Forms

Alright, so in order for me to figure out the composition of the entire drawing I had to break down the drawing into bigger forms.
This also helped me how to measure out all the proportions of each big shape in order for my drawing to seem accurate with the original.

I condensed the details of every object in the original drawing like the trees, hill, clouds, and bushes and made them into bigger shapes focusing more on the outside forms that create the shape of each object. I didn't do the horse, kid and silhouette of the wolf 'cause they're smaller and more detailed forms. Those, I felt, had to come later. I had to focus on the bigger forms to concentrate more on the composition of the entire drawing so that everything can read clear for me.

Once I felt like I had all the bigger forms placed proportionately right, I then brought my drawing and the original into Photoshop and made a transparency...

2) The Second Layer of Forms

Now that I fixed my proportions for each bigger form, I then started on my sub forms within each of the bigger forms. The sub forms are a bit smaller and create an outline on top of the smaller details that are inside the bigger forms. This helped me know where and how the details were going to be put together. Here I felt the horse, elf and wolf is where they needed to be, but I only made the outside forms for each one.

3) The Third Layer of Forms

Once I'm confident enough with how my drawing looks, I add in all the details, which add more to the sub forms and bigger forms making them look more subjective rather than unrecognizable objects, but I still made sure everything made up a clear composition to make things read well in the picture.

It didn't come out too perfect from the original, but I feel like the accuracy is sorta there.

I actually liked how it came out and learn a lot from this! I should definitely try doing these studies more often. I always forget how much I learn from copying and studying just one drawing. I gotta keep going before I forget what makes cartoon a CARTOON!