Thursday, November 01, 2012

Here's More Stuff

A poster of Festival of the Lion King from Walt Disney World for friend Jason Anders (Fulle Circle) for a documentary he's doing. Click on the picture to view bigger.

Here's something I did for my Ecuadorian friend Makinita a.k.a. Andres Silva for a book he's doing. It's of him and his messed up cartoon creations. He always wears a Mexican luchador mask. Sort of like a trademark of his. Check out his stuff! He's a really funny cartoonist. He animates and makes crazy vidz too.

And finally, here's some concept drawings for a cyclops painting I did a while back for a book called Maladjusted Monsters: Cyclops by Pernicious Press. It's part of a series of books featuring mythological monsters done by different artists from around the world, which is pretty cool. I'd love to show the painting, but as of now I can't, at least I don't think I can. Eventually I'll put it up here...I hope.