Sunday, October 24, 2021

De Pacotilla!


I'm a action figure!

Something cool I had started a few months back and finally got around to finishing! This comes from the artist collective Les Insu, encouraging Puerto Rican artists to do action figure versions of themselves as a way to promote themselves, using a toy package template made for the artists to go nuts with, and for sure wanted to do one!

I'm fully built with super bendy action and come with accessories! Super cheap, too!

Friday, May 21, 2021


Recent illustration made for my good and highly talented friend Isai (@isai_sketches on Instagram) for the second book issue of his comic, Continental Kings (now available to purchase on Amazon or directly through him). He invited me to interpret one of his characters, Demo, in my own way and, of course, was happy to do so!

Had a lot of fun with it! 💣💥 

Things I Worked On!

A pilot I worked on for Kid Super and Puma! Worked with the cool people at Team Legend on this! Check it out!

Commercial I fully animated for The Coconut Collaborative! Worked with the talented team over at Seed Animation on this, who did the 3D parts!

A small ad made for Off Limits! Worked with Team Legend on this, which they added some cool effects, background work and 3D work! I only animated the bunny aka Dash!