Thursday, January 25, 2007

FINALLY!! New Post!

Hi, everyone! I'm back to show you some more of my insane-o stuff! I'm pretty sure some of you got tired of just seeing the same shitty Christmas card I've been leaving in the last post for a while and I apologize for that (I know I felt like crap for leaving it so long). I also wanted to say thanks to the people who post all the nice comments here. You guys are some of the most kick ass people ever! Anyways, here's some new and kinda interesting shit for all to see!

These two model sheets were made for a class I'm taking now. They're of my two characters: Jackrabbit McGee and Pipsqueak Mouse. They're drawn really generic with symmetry, which was kind of difficult for me at first, largely because I like to go to the extent with my own style trying to make a drawing seem really fun and less generic. Also, this project reminded me of the Preston Blair Lessons John K.'s been giving, so in a way I've learned more by sort of solidifying my characters and making sure that their structures make more sense in design and not focus too much on the contours.

I just noticed that there's a million screw-ups within these drawings. I really have to get back to those John K. lessons!

And now I leave you with other stuff.