Tuesday, November 03, 2020

Thank you and VOTE!

Recently made it to over 1,000 followers on Instagram! May not seem so much to the common influencer, but hey, it's still a big number and for sure worth celebrating! I feel I don't express this enough, but huge, heartfelt thank you for the follows, likes, friendly comments, shares, etc, etc! Whether it's on IG, here on this blog or other places! You guys are fuel for my motivation and I'm always grateful for the support I've gotten throughout the years and continue to get! Seriously, thanks! 

Oh, and VOTE! Today's the day to vote for a US President that isn't Trump! Vote Biden/Harris to finally take him out! I think we've had enough of his bullshit and it's our responsibility to make this necessary change!

Wednesday, October 21, 2020

Hefty Animation!

Wanted to share the animation I worked on for the Hefty ad via Seed Animation's studio, which you can now see over at the studio's Facebook page! The last two clips were part of a couple of 6-second ads, which are now on YouTube if you search "Hefty Ecosave". Check it out!

Designs by Dylan King!

Saturday, October 03, 2020

Hefty Ant Walk Cycle Test!

Hefty Ant Walk Cycle Test from Pedro Vargas on Vimeo.

Walk cycle test of an ant for the Hefty commercial! Character design by Dylan King!

Hefty Commercial!

Hefty - Ecosave from Seed Animation Studio on Vimeo.

Hefty commercial I worked on! Awesome working with the coolest people over at Seed Animation along with the awesome artists and animators who worked on this! And made during quarantine/lockdown time! What a feat! Later on will post what I animated!

Macabro #4!

Here's a preview of a mini zombie comic made for Francisco Gonz├ílez's 4th issue of his horror comic book Macabro that came out recently! The issue has a really neat story along with art from other cool guest artists! Don't wanna miss!! Cover painted by me as well!

Be sure to follow the Macabro Comics Facebook page for info on its availability!

Wednesday, June 03, 2020


Let's stay persistent in the fight and inspire others to get involved. Stop with the passive-aggressive attitude and say your piece to help end the hate. Enough is enough.

Hope the protesters are staying safe out there with the ongoing pandemic that's happening (yeah, crazy times). Godspeed to all those beautiful people out there ❤ #BlackLivesMatter